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quiet anchor, was the first to react to the Washington Declaration. He criticized the U.S. and South Korean leaders in a crude way, arguing that the two countries had created an environment for decisive action in North Korea. It also appears that the ROK-US summit was used as an excuse to herald a major provocation.

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North Korean Workers' Party of Korea Deputy Chairman
Kim Yong-yong characterized the Washington Declaration in a statement as "the product of a hostile policy toward North Korea that reflects an aggressive will to act."

As a result of the Washington Declaration, it threatened that "peace and security in Northeast Asia and the world would be exposed to more grave threats" and "provided an environment for decisive action."

He then criticized the U.S. and South Korean leaders in a last-minute way.

President Joe Biden called it "the specter of an old man with no future" for referring to the end of the North Korean regime, and shot back at President Yoon Seok-yeol as "that ugly human being who senses the empty shell declaration even though he is considerate."

North Korea's response to the Washington Declaration was cited as "the second mission of enhancing deterrence and deterrence of nuclear war."

The second mission is to strengthen the U.S.-South Korea's kill chain-like preemptive strike capabilities from the current one.

[Kim Dong-yup/Professor, North Korean Graduate University: It appears that they made some announcements in order to develop their own nuclear weapons and to justify and justify their military actions.]

Kim Yo Jong said, "The more we deploy nuclear strategic assets, the more we will exercise our right to self-defense," and some analysts say that under the pretext of deploying strategic nuclear submarines in accordance with the Washington Declaration, they will attempt large-scale provocations beyond medium- and long-range missiles.

The Ministry of Unification said the allegations of deterrence "reflect nervousness and frustration over the drastic strengthening of the ROK-U.S. alliance's nuclear deterrent."

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