▲ In 2018, a nude exhibition viewing event was held at the Palais de Tokyo Museum in Paris.

An exhibition that can only be entered nude without wearing a shirt is held in France and is a hot topic.

The Museum of Modern Art in Lyon, France, held the "Embody: Physical Exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art Lyon" on the 27th local time, where visitors can view the exhibition naked.

In the exhibition, viewers spend 90 minutes naked admiring the artwork, having a drink and discussing their feelings with other audiences.

A spokesperson for the museum explained that the intention of curating the exhibition is to "question bodies in certain places and see how those bodies react to other bodies."

The exhibition, co-curated by the Museum of Modern Art Lyon and the French Nudist Federation, says they got their idea from the 17th-century French philosopher Descartes' phrase "I think, therefore I exist."

He was inspired by the idea that it was wrong to have only mental beings in mind.

Frédéric Martin, president of the French Nudist Federation, said, "The idea of viewing works in the nude is interesting," and he hopes that "audiences will focus on their own self-consciousness as well as social artworks."

"Nudist tend to go unnoticed," he explained, adding, "We come out behind the walls and try to prove that our ideas are not wrong."

The entrance fee for this exhibition is 11 euros, about 1,6 won for our money.

Meanwhile, this is not the first attempt to get audiences to appreciate the work in the nude.

Last year, the Museum of Fine Arts Mayol in France held an exhibition of surrealism, in which the evening was spent viewing the works in the nude, and the audience was praised for realistically appreciating nude sculptures that were indistinguishable from them.

The Palais de Tokyo Museum of Art also held an exhibition in 2018 to see works in the nude.