Public Prosecution: Freedom of opinion guaranteed. Within the limits of the law

"Intolerance" implicates fans in crimes of defamation, insult and bullying

Police and judicial authorities have warned sports fans against committing crimes punishable by law, due to intolerance, including defamation, bullying, insults, slander, and writing inappropriate phrases against others on social media, stressing that this exposes them to legal accountability.

In detail, the State Public Prosecution affirmed that freedom of opinion and expression, orally, in writing and by other means of expression, is guaranteed, but within the limits of the law, meaning that it is not permissible to infringe on persons by word and to challenge their vilification and insult them under the pretext of expressing opinion.

She added that «tolerance and forgiveness is a human creation, and Islam is a religion of tolerance, pride, justice and fairness, and our true religion calls for beautiful forgiveness, forgiveness when able and good treatment».

The Public Prosecution offered through its official account on the site «Twitter», a topic entitled «story and lesson» for two people who were watching a match in front of the television, and did not like the decisions of the referee, to end the match with the loss of the team they support, one of them said to the other that the referee is dishonest, and the other recorded a clip published through social media, in which he insults the referee, and questions his liability, and the recording has reached the referee, so he filed a complaint on the video recorder, to be summoned to the Public Prosecution.

When asked, he acknowledged what was attributed to him, and explained that he wanted to express his opinion, but the expression betrayed him, because he was in a nervous moment.

He apologized to the judgment for what he had done, and upon learning of the defendant's financial circumstances and that he might be harmed by the lawsuit, he waived it.

For its part, Abu Dhabi Police called on the public to cheer in a sporting spirit, stay away from fanaticism inside and outside the stadium, and through social media, and stay away from tweeting inappropriate words.

She called for full compliance with traffic rules and regulations, cooperation with police officers, and adherence to traffic procedures regulating traffic, on roads and entrances leading to the stadium.

In the past, the sports arena witnessed inflammatory incidents and the use of offensive phrases by fanatical fans of their teams, which resulted in their summons for investigation by the Public Prosecution.

In one case, the Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi summoned a sports figure for questioning for allegedly posting offensive statements on social media.

It also investigated the exchange of illegal phrases and words between fans of two clubs, through social media, without revealing their identities.

It ordered the arrest of people who used unlawful language to express their views during the incident.

The Public Prosecution called on members of society to stay away from behavior that violates the law, which has nothing to do with good morals, and to stay away from sports fanaticism, whether during practice or encouragement, and not to offend others, whether they are persons or sports entities.

It also warned against the use of social media to publish what would offend and violate public morals, with the need to pay attention when preparing, producing, using, publishing or sending any words, phrases, signs, symbols, drawings, photography, recording or writings, whether visual, audible or readable, in a way that affects or offends society or public order, stressing that it is always working to take the necessary measures against anyone who violates Law.