01:30 25 April

Russia: 'Risks of a nuclear confrontation with the United States are increasing'

The risk of a direct military confrontation between the two nuclear powers, Russia and the United States, is steadily increasing, TASS news agency said Tuesday, citing a senior Russian diplomat. Vladimir Yermakov, head of the Foreign Ministry for Nuclear Non-Proliferation, told the Russian state news agency that "If the United States continues to follow the current path of confrontation with Russia, with a constant escalation of the stakes, on the verge of sliding into a direct armed conflict, the fate of the START (Nuclear Weapons Treaty) could be discounted." Yermakov said.

00:15 25 April

Moscow accuses Kiev of sabotaging new grain export deal for attempting to attack its ships in the Black Sea

Moscow accuses Kiev of sabotaging the new grain export agreement for attempting to attack its ships in the Black
Sea "The terrorist actions of the Kiev regime put at risk the next extension of the wheat agreement beyond May 18 this year," the Defense Ministry said in a statement on its Telegram channel, according to which an analysis of the path followed by Ukrainian naval drones launched on March 23 and March 24 April showed that they originated in the water zone of the port of Odessa, Crimea, designated for the implementation of the Black Sea Initiative. Ukraine almost never publicly claims responsibility for attacks inside Russia and on Russian-controlled territory in Ukraine.