• Russia launched its "military operation" in Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, 2022. Every evening, at 19:30 pm, 20 Minutes offers you its recap of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
  • Who did what? Who said what? And who supports whom and why? You will know everything about the progress of the negotiations and the events of this crisis that is shaking Russia, Ukraine, Europe and the United States.
  • On Monday, Russian authorities claimed to have repelled a surface drone raid on the port of Sevastopol in annexed Crimea, headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, without causing casualties or damage.

Did you miss the latest events about the war in Ukraine? Don't panic, 20 Minutes takes stock for you every night, at 19:30 pm. Who did what? Who said what? Where do we stand? The answer below:

News of the day

Russian authorities said Monday they had repelled a surface drone raid on the port of Sevastopol in annexed Crimea, the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, without causing casualties or damage. "One surface drone (naval) was destroyed by anti-sabotage forces, the second (drone) exploded by itself," Russia-appointed Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said on Telegram, adding that the attack had been repelled in a harbor outside the port and that "no infrastructure" had been damaged.

Naval surface drones are craft that operate on the surface of the water, unmanned. "Currently, everything is quiet in the city. But all forces and services are ready for combat," Razvozhhayev added.

Sevastopol is the home port of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Since the launch of the offensive against Ukraine in February 2022, Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014, has repeatedly been the target of aerial and naval drone attacks.

The phrase of the day

"No one allowed the Western minority to speak for all humanity"

It is signed by Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs. "We must behave decently and respect all members of the international community. By imposing a rules-based order, the authors arrogantly reject the key principle of the UN Charter, namely the sovereign equality of states," he insisted on Monday at the UN. Russia holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council this month, amid a military offensive in Ukraine.

Lavrov at the UN Security Council meeting: "Let's call a thing by its proper names, no one allowed the Western minority to speak on behalf of all mankind. We have to behave decently and respect all members of the international community. By imposing a rule-based order, the... pic.twitter.com/HJHcE9E49k

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) April 24, 2023

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Kiev's allies on Monday denounced the "cynicism" of Russia for holding a special Security Council meeting on "defending the principles" of the UN Charter that it violated by invading Ukraine. "By organizing this debate, Russia is trying to present itself as a defender of the UN Charter and multilateralism. Nothing is further from the truth, it is cynical," said EU Ambassador Olof Skoog, surrounded by representatives of the 27 EU countries.

Today's figure

$2.240billion. These are the military spending in Europe over the year 2022. That sum has surpassed the level of the end of the Cold War, with a record increase in more than three decades boosted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to a landmark report released Monday.

Across all continents, military spending reached a new high of $2.240 trillion last year, or 2.2 percent of global GDP, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). This is the eighth consecutive year of global increases in investment in the military.

Today's trend

The head of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner said his troops would no longer take Ukrainian prisoners, in reaction to what he said was the execution of one of his men by Kiev forces. "We don't know what our wounded guy who was shot by miserable Ukrainians was called. But we will kill everyone on the battlefield. We will not take any more prisoners," Prigozhin said Sunday in an audio message published on Telegram by his press service.

He was reacting to another audio recording posted on a Telegram account supporting Wagner and purporting to be a conversation between Ukrainian servicemen ordering the execution of a paramilitary group fighter taken prisoner. AFP was unable to confirm the authenticity of the latter recording.

The Wagner Group, accused of numerous abuses in the various areas of operations where it has been deployed around the world, is currently on the front line of the battle for Bakhmut, in eastern Ukraine, which has been raging for months.

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