3 students design a robotic arm to help treat patients

Students Mira, Jawaher and Nora with the project supervisor after completing his prototype. From the source

Three Emirati students from the Applied Technology High School in the Emirate of um Al Quwain designed a robotic arm to help treat the patient, ensuring that nursing staff are protected from infection.

The project supervisor, Engineer Ali Al-Taweel, told Emirates Today that the robotic arm project for taking medical swabs, which was invented by students Mira Rashid Al Ali, Jawaher Ghanem Al Ali, and Noura Saif Al-Ghafli, aims to provide the health sector with ideas that improve working conditions, preserve the lives of health care workers, and reduce their infection with infectious diseases, which are likely to be transmitted during sampling from patients, which makes work more sustainable and productive at all stages.

He added that the project is a robotic arm to take swabs to diagnose diseases and epidemics in an easy and safe way, thus helping to protect and save employees in hospitals and health centers (the first line of defense), in addition to reducing the time it takes to take samples effectively and easily.

Al-Taweel pointed out that the project consists of several parts, namely the Arduino controller, which controls the robotic arm remotely, a box of oral swabs, test tubes, a Vax robot parts, a distance sensor, and a 9V battery.

He stated that the cost of the project in its prototype amounted to 1000,<> dirhams, and it took about three months to design and complete.

He pointed out that the project team participated in the National Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation organized by the Ministry of Education, recently, at Expo 2020 Dubai, and was praised by the competition jury of the festival.