A retired professor at the University of Reims (Marne) has been convicted of a sexual assault that occurred twenty years ago on his granddaughter. The victim, now 25 years old, had recently filed a complaint after confiding in his mother, reports L'Ardennais, Sunday.

Two years suspended sentence

At the hearing, the man denied all the charges against him. He blamed the victim, despite his very young age at the time of the facts, referring in particular to a "sexual curiosity" on his part. However, the testimonies of his other grandchildren did not work in his favor since they described a man focused on sexuality and with whom they had watched pornographic films.

"There is no doubt that he is the author of the assault suffered by this child," said the public prosecutor. The man was eventually given a two-year suspended sentence. He is also forbidden to contact the victim for three years and he will have to pay him € 5,000 for moral damage.

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