Moscow and Kiev release 206 prisoners

Russia announces the destruction of 100 artillery units of the Ukrainian army

A Ukrainian soldier throws a grenade during a training to confront Russian forces. Reuters

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov said that Russian forces destroyed about 100 artillery units of the Ukrainian armed forces, adding in statements quoted by the Russian news agency TASS that Russian air defense systems destroyed 10 Himers missiles, rocket launcher shells, and a Grom-2 missile and destroyed 14 drones of Ukrainian forces.

The deputy commander of the Russian Air Force, Lieutenant General Andrei Demin, confirmed that Moscow intends to reform the air defense forces after gaining new experience in the war in Ukraine, adding in an interview with the newspaper "Red Star", published yesterday, that Russia will strengthen its defenses after Finland, whose 1300,<>-kilometer common border with Russia, joins NATO.

The air defense forces faced a number of challenges in the face of Ukrainian strikes, he said, adding that air defense units have been established in Russian-controlled Ukrainian areas to defend key facilities, while Russia has stepped up production of the RLK-MC anti-drone system.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian General Staff announced that the Ukrainian army repelled 60 Russian attacks and shot down six drones, since the day before yesterday, explaining that the city of Kherson in the south was subjected to heavy artillery bombardment.

The commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the east, General Oleksandr Cersky, accused Russia of using "scorched earth maneuvers there" and said that "buildings and sites are being destroyed by air strikes and artillery fire," noting that "the situation is difficult, but under control."

Amid these developments, Russia and Ukraine announced that they had conducted a major prisoner swap yesterday, releasing 106 Russian prisoners of war for 100 Ukrainians.