For the first time. The image of King Charles III appears on postage stamps in Britain

The portrait of King Charles III is set to appear for the first time on postage stamps in Britain from today, but the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II will remain on stamps in Britain for a while to come.

The British news agency "PA Media" reported today that the image of King Charles, which was modified according to a design by artist Martin Jennings, to be used on coins put up for the Royal Mint, will appear on all new stamps.

The new stamps will not be sold at post offices or other retailers until the stamps featuring Queen Elizabeth, King Charles' mother, have run out.

David Gould, director of foreign policy at the Royal Mint, said King Charles had asked to use the existing stock rather than destroy it.

"The king has given very clear directives, that he does not want to damage anything. He didn't want the stamps to be shredded, or the stock disposed of."

The new stamp shows Charles' head and neck looking left, as all royalty have done since Queen Victoria appeared on Penny Black, the world's first postage stamp, in 1840.