A Spartan race this year the Paris Marathon? A few days ago, the holding of this mythical race, which promises a passage through the most beautiful monuments of the capital was not proven. At issue: the demonstrations against pension reforms, authorized during the day and spontaneous in the evening, and the mounds of rubbish that littered the sidewalks. A few hours before the big start of the 2023 edition at the top of the most beautiful avenue in the world, 20 Minutes wondered if the strike of garbage collectors that has filled the streets of the capital with tons of uncollected waste in recent weeks, would not turn it into a gigantic obstacle course.

So we put on our running sneakers and traveled, a few days early, the 42.125 kilometers (or almost) of the course. Boldness or coincidence? The garbage collectors have suspended their movement since Wednesday and are gradually absorbing the delay of the last three weeks. But 10,000 tons of waste are not evacuated in a jiffy, especially when two of the three incinerators in the capital are still experiencing occasional blockages. "If the garages are not blocked, access to Syctom sites remains complicated, with partial or total blockages of incinerators preventing the emptying of trucks efficiently and not yet allowing to collect the remaining waste optimally," said in a situation update Wednesday the mayor of Paris.

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