A customer claimed that a dead rat came out of a soup meal delivered by a Korean restaurant in New York, USA, and the restaurant countered that it was not true, and the truth battle surrounding it continues.

According to foreign media such as the Daily Mail and the New York Post on the 16th local time, Eunice N Lucero Lee revealed on her social media that she found a dead rat inside a soup meal delivered from a Korean restaurant in New York.

A video released by Mr. Eunice showed a dead rat mixed with grains of rice in a bowl of red broth.

Eunice and her husband, Jason Lee, claimed that when they had eaten more than half of the soup they ordered, they noticed a rat's tail and went straight to the emergency room to be prescribed medication.

The couple said they wanted a genuine apology from the restaurant and were worried that others in the area would consume the restaurant's food.

However, the couple revealed that they have been regulars at the restaurant for more than a decade, adding, "As proud supporters of Asian food and culture, this should never be used as a racist issue."

Their alleged social media posts went viral with more than 10,3 likes and 16 comments as of March 1700, and the Korean restaurant has since gained a lot of attention.

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The Korean restaurant then retorted on its official social media that it was "sorry" and released CCTV footage installed inside the restaurant's kitchen, saying, "It's not an environment where rats can enter."

The video released by the Korean restaurant showed the interior of the kitchen and the counter, and it was possible to see that the vents and gas stove were kept clean.

The Korean restaurant said on its official social media, "The alleged customers ordered food through delivery, and if the 'rat' actually came out, they could have brought it to the restaurant and claimed it as evidence, but we have not been able to confirm the actual appearance."

"When I first received the complaint call, they said they would provide me with a refund and a $100 gift card, but they immediately demanded $5,652 (about 2.5 million KRW). "They then asked for hospital bills and we had an internal meeting and said we would inform him, but they asked for $3250,15 (about 11.3 million KRW)."

"We checked the CCTV footage of the manufacturing process, but there was no problem," the Korean restaurant said, questioning the discovery of the rat, saying, "If there was actually a rat, there is no way it could have been missed during the stirring process with a ladle."

While the couple and the Korean restaurant continued to work on the truth as their opinions went in different directions, on the 7th local time, the couple filed a lawsuit against the Korean restaurant.

According to the complaint they filed with the court, "At <>:<> p.m. on the <>th, a dead rat was found while eating at the restaurant, resulting in permanent personal injury," and "this was due to negligence and negligence on the part of the restaurant, and the defendant is obliged to provide safe and hygienic food, but fails to comply and must pay punitive damages (to the plaintiff)."

The accused Korean restaurant said in an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo of the Americas, "They are unilaterally putting forward allegations that cannot be confirmed as facts. I'm worried that it will damage the entire Koreatown," he said, adding that he would fight back with legal action.