The political crisis linked to the pension reform continues to weigh on Emmanuel Macron's popularity. The president's rating even collapsed in March to a low since the beginning of 2019 at the end of the crisis of the "yellow vests", according to the monthly barometer of Ifop published by the Journal du Dimanche.

The Head of State is 28% satisfied (-4 points) and 70% dissatisfied according to this study carried out between 9th and 16th March, i.e. during the negotiations that finally led Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to use Article 49.3 of the Constitution to adopt the highly contested reform that raises the legal retirement age from 62 to 64.

Down 13 points since the president's re-election

Emmanuel Macron's popularity has fallen by 13 points since his re-election in May 2022. It had reached its lowest level (23%) in December 2018, at the height of the "yellow vest" demonstrations.

For her part Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne's popularity remained stable in March at 29% satisfied but federating a little more discontent (67%, +1). She remains at her lowest level of popularity since her arrival at Matignon in May.

This survey was conducted online among a sample of 1,928 people aged 18 and over, representative of the French population, according to the quota method. The margin of error is between 1 and 2.3 percentage points.

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