04:15 March 18

ISW: Ukrainian forces were pushed back to Zaporizhzhia region

Russian sources said that Russian forces pushed back Ukrainian forces along the front line in southern Ukraine. The Institute for the Study of War writes. Russian sources said that Ukrainian forces unsuccessfully conducted offensive operations near Polohy and Orikhiv on the front line of the Zaporizhzhia region.

03:30 March 18

New Russian logistics

Russian forces that have been trying for months to encircle Bakhmut have reportedly changed their logistics. Soledar has become a sorting center for this purpose. New military units are arriving in the city to continue their offensive against Ukrainian positions at Bakhmut, but also for possible battles at Siversk, Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. 3.30

02:20 March 18

Ukrainian General Staff, the night update

Russian troops are trying unsuccessfully to break through Ukrainian defenses in the directions of Lyman, Donetsk, and Kupiansk, Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian General Staff says in the night update. According to the Ukrainian military, Russia launched 19 airstrikes in the last day and carried out 26 attacks with multiple-launch missile systems. The Ukrainian Air Force carried out six airstrikes on areas of concentration of Russian military personnel and weapons, the General Staff said.

02:20 March 18

Ukrainian air defense shoots down 11 of 16 drones launched by Moscow

Ukrainian air defense shot down 11 of the 16 Iranian-made Shahed drones launched by Russia against Ukraine on Friday. This was announced by the Kiyv Independent newspaper. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, Russia attacked Ukraine from the Bryansk region and the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov. Earlier, the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Serhiy Lysak, said that Ukraine's Eastern Command intercepted three drones over the Dnipropetrovsk region, but two more drones hit a critical infrastructure facility in Novomoskovsk. The air defense forces shot down all drones over Kiev, said Serhii Popko, head of the military administration of the Kiev region.Late yesterday evening, Russia launched a drone attack against Ukraine. Explosions were reported in the Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions.

00:30 March 18

Biden: Arrest warrant for Putin justified, "he clearly committed war crimes"

"Vladimir Putin has clearly committed war crimes: the arrest warrant of the International Criminal Court against him is justified." This was stated by US President Joe Biden. Bide's comment comes at the end of the day that saw the ICC call for the arrest of the Russian president and the Russian children's commissioner accusing them of war crimes committed in Ukraine. It is the war crime of deportation and illegal transfer of population (children) from Ukraine to Russia