Two Citizens Taliban Turn Air Conditioning Water into Drinking Water

Students Ahmed (right) and Faisal present their project at the Science and Technology Festival. From the source

Two students from the Applied Technology High School in Ras Al Khaimah have found a way to convert air conditioner water into potable water by collecting it with a specific system, filtering it, and purifying it to become fit for human consumption.

The two students, Faisal Issa Ibrahim Al-Shehhi and Ahmed Khalid Ahmed Al Ali, said that they were inspired by the idea of the project from media and press news about the scarcity of water in the world, especially the region, and then wanted to contribute to adding an innovative way to benefit from every drop of water and reduce its waste.

They explained that the project acquires its importance from the method of identifying the validity of the water resulting from the cooling process in the air conditioning, for human use, whether by drinking or other uses, and then they conducted a number of experiments for water, which resulted in that this water can be drinkable after conducting a number of treatments on it, which conform to international standards.

The two students confirmed that they received great support from the school administration, which provided them with all the capabilities, in order to complete the project and participate in the National Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation, which was recently organized by the Ministry of Education at the Festival Arena - Dubai, in which 100 innovative projects for school and university students participated.

The project was praised by the jury of the "Young Emirati World" competition, which was part of the festival's activities, which motivated the two students to continue developing their experience, and work in the future to present it to private parties that can implement it financially on the ground to benefit from it in providing an important source of water within the country.