Returned to YouTube and Facebook after two years of bans

Trump expects to be arrested Tuesday. He calls on his supporters to demonstrate

Trump is now able to use key tools to communicate with his followers. AFP

Former US President Donald Trump said he expected to be arrested on Tuesday over allegations that he paid a actress ahead of the 2016 election, and called on Americans to demonstrate.

Trump wrote on his account on his social platform, Truth Social, yesterday: "The main Republican candidate and former president of the United States of America will be arrested on Tuesday. Demonstrated! Take back our country!" , speaking of "leaking information from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office" about his arrest.

Trump appeared on YouTube and Facebook again, a return to the social media platforms he used to bolster his political rise until his accounts were suspended after his supporters attacked Congress on Jan. 6.

After two years of banning, Trump posted on his Facebook page and YouTube channel a video titled "I'm back" taken from CNN, which included the announcement that he won the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. The clip ends with the words "Trump 2024."

In the clip, Trump said: "Sorry to make you wait."

YouTube reactivated Trump's channel. Meta reactivated Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier, and Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, also reactivated Trump's account on the popular social media platform last November, but Trump has yet to tweet about it. While a victory was unlikely, Trump backed his 2016 presidential campaign using social media. Returning to those platforms, he can now use key tools to raise political funds and connect with his total 146 million followers across the three major tech platforms as he seeks to run again for president in 2024.