Thousands of people across France continue to demonstrate tonight against the reform of the pension system decided with a forcing by President Emmanuel Macron two days ago, passing over a possible vote of Parliament. According to French media, there were moments of tension in particular in Nantes (northwest), where about 6,000 people took to the streets and in some places erected barricades setting bins and other objects on fire, and in Rennes (north) where a thousand people were stuck in a shopping center after a student demonstration tried to break into the compound.

Several police charges against protesters took place in Paris, in the 13th arrondissement. Initially, a small group of demonstrators was supposed to gather at the demonstration of the regional union CGT Ile-de-France at Place d'Italie. But their number grew to about 4,000 people, as protesters who were supposed to participate in the demonstration on Place de la Concorde, eventually banned by the police prefecture, went there. Due to the presence of many thugs, the organizing unions asked the protesters to disperse. The first interventions of the police took place to stop the disturbers who tried to create barricades and set fire to garbage cans. However, no serious accidents have been reported.


Paris, protests against pension reform

The authorities banned any gathering on the large Place de la Concorde, near the National Assembly and the Elysée presidential palace, were fears of a radicalization of the protest after the clashes that occurred on Thursday and Friday evening.

Meanwhile, for Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, the government is not destined to fall. After the presentation of motions of no confidence, speaking to Le Parisien, the minister said he did not believe that "there will be a majority to bring down the executive". "Is pension reform worth, yes or no, the fall of the government and political chaos? The answer is clearly no", he explained, inviting "everyone" to "assume their responsibilities" during the vote on the two motions, which will take place on Monday.

"Let's hope Republicans come to their senses," he said, hailing the "courage" and "consistency" of some Republicans while "others have lost their bearings."