Dubai Civil Defense controls a fire in two warehouses in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area

Dubai Civil Defense teams controlled a fire that broke out in two warehouses in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, according to a spokesman for the General Directorate of Civil Defense, who indicated that a report was received at about five o'clock and 38 minutes on Saturday evening.

He added that the Nad Al Sheba Fire Station moved as a first responder and a specialized destination, achieving a response time of 5 minutes, and it was found that the accident was in two warehouses and its size was medium, and it was also found that the thick smoke resulting from the accident because the two warehouses contained flammable materials, and then the Rashidiya Fire Station and Al Quoz Center for Support and Support were moved., and the specialized teams began evacuation and firefighting operations

Within a short time, a signal was received from the field commander of the accident, in which he stated that the accident was under cooling and there were no injuries, and the site was handed over to the competent authorities to directly determine the causes of the accident.