Providing advanced platforms contributed to its improvement by 28%

83% of Zayed University students and faculty are satisfied with "distance learning"

Zayed University was able to provide academic guidance during the pandemic. Archival

Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of State and President of Zayed University, stated that the satisfaction rate of students and faculty members at Zayed University, who use distance learning systems, reached 83%, compared to less than 50% globally, stressing that education results improved by 28%, especially with the presence of advanced platforms prepared to ensure the effective distance education process at the university, which contributed to the diversity of students' skills and access to exceptional opportunities for education.

"Zayed University was able to provide academic guidance during the pandemic to tens of thousands of students outside the classroom in a matter of days," she said.

This came during the "Remote" forum, organized by the Office of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications in the UAE Government, at the Museum of the Future, and concluded its activities the day before yesterday.

Al Kaabi pointed to Zayed University's interdisciplinary study programs, which are the first of their kind in the region, which aim to provide students with multiple skills that help them succeed in a variety of jobs, adding: "We have developed academic programs to obtain degrees based on continuous learning skills, such as communication, critical thinking, comparative analysis and emotional intelligence, with the aim of providing an educational experience that keeps pace with the accelerating world around us, where students, through the skills they will learn from these programs, will be able to adapt. Develop confidently in any professional environment after graduation, and succeed in a variety of jobs and work environments, across all disciplines."

"We want our graduates to be thinkers, actors and leaders of the future, who are able, thanks to the skills they possess, to work anywhere around the world and adapt to the accelerating world around them, and they will also be socially responsible, and able to participate positively in the elevation of their country and the community around them."

Al-Kaabi pointed out that the university recently launched the "Partner Challenge" initiative, with the aim of enhancing students' experiential learning experiences and providing them with the skills they need for the labor market, as the program includes the participation of teams of students in a challenge that lasts throughout the semester, and is supervised by a mentor from a private sector institution, and asks students questions about how to solve a specific challenge or achieve a goal, including how to design an environmentally sustainable home, and benefit from artificial intelligence in diagnosing learning difficulties, and how to benefit Banks of technological innovations.

She stated that most of the work within the challenge is carried out remotely through personal meetings with the mentor, provided that students by the end of the semester present their project and the solutions they propose to solve the challenge, noting that the "Partner Challenge" is one of the most important elements of the success of our academic programs at Zayed University, especially as it succeeded in attracting about 120 companies, including large international companies and small and medium companies, and received a very positive response from students, and through the participation of more than 1000 students working Through 233 teams of mentors from these companies.

• The University launched the "Partner Challenge" initiative to enhance students' experiential learning experiences and provide them with labor market skills.