American Hollywood actor Lance Reddick, who is familiar to Korean audiences for his numerous works including the movie "John Wick," passed away yesterday (60th) at the age of 17.

Redick's publicist said in an official statement that Redick died suddenly at his Los Angeles home this morning.

The publicist explained that his death was due to natural factors.

His sudden passing just a week before the release of four new installments of the "John Wick" series, in which he starred in the role of hotel manager "Charon," has left the film's producers and cast deeply saddened.

Director Chad Stahelski and lead actor Keanu Reeves said they were dedicating the film to Reddick, saying, "We are heartbroken and deeply saddened by the loss of him."

The film investment and distribution company tributed, "Without Reddick's deep performance, which brought humanity and unwavering charisma to the role of 'Charon,' the world of 'John Wick' would not be what it is today."

In the United States, Reddick is known for the HBO TV drama series The Wire.

He played the reticent yet elegant head of the police investigation team in this drama.

He has also appeared in several popular Korean series, including 'CSI: Miami', 'Lost' and 'Law & Order: Sex Crimes Task Force 4'.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)