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It has been alleged that Russian troops have once again used incendiary bombs, so-called "devil's weapons," in Ukraine.

Foreign media, including the British Daily Mail, recently reported that "Putin used the deadly Thermit incendiary bomb to bring hell to Ukraine."

As proof of this, they also released a video that is currently spreading on social media such as Twitter and Telegram, and the dark night sky is lit up, and glowing ammunition is pouring down.

It looks like it's raining, so incendiary bombs are sometimes called "devil's rain."

Eventually, the residential area that was attacked was covered in fire.

It is said to be a village in Donetsk Oblast on the frontline in southeastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian forces recently won a victory with massive destruction of Russian tanks and armored vehicles.

The flame of incendiary bombs can reach up to 2,5 degrees Celsius and melt down bones when it touches the body, making it the "devil's weapon."

For this reason, it is classified as an inhumane weapon along with white phosphorus and is prohibited for use.

( Composition : Kim Do Kyun , Editing : Jung Yong-hee, Video Source : Telegram, Twitter, Production : D Content Planning Department )