A security guard at a bar in the United States has lost his job due to persistent racist comments directed at Asian customers.

On Feb. 14, NBC Chicago 5 reported on what happened at Deuce's Major League Bar near Wrigley Field, Chicago's professional baseball stadium, after receiving a tip from an Asian woman.

The informant, Sydney Higgins, said he traveled to Chicago on Jan. 11 to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (March 3) with his group.

On this day, the city was crowded with people as they enjoyed the "Bar Crawl," a custom of drinking from one bar to another.

Higgins said: "The 'Deucies' line was cut off, so I moved between the barricades in front of the store to get in. At this point, a security guard approached and stopped me and said, 'No, Kim Jong-un.'"

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"I asked the security guard at the time, 'What did you say now?' and he said, 'I didn't say anything. Kim Jong-un,'" he added.

In a video taken by Higgins' group, a security guard says, "I'm not a racist. It's just my heart no matter what I call others."

"I call white guests 'Joe Biden,'" he said.

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Higgins told NBC Chicago 5, "It doesn't matter if you're Asian or not. It's wrong to demean someone," he said, adding, "That person shouldn't be a security guard. The companies that hired him need to re-conduct diversity training."

In response to his words and actions, Deucis stated that "the security guard in question no longer works with us" and that "Deucis does not tolerate any discrimination or prejudice and will take active steps to prevent bigotry."

(Photo = YouTube 'NBC Chicago')