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At a middle school in Mexico, an outlying student was beaten to death by a classmate.

According to the Mexican daily El Universal and Milenio on the 16th local time, Norma Lisbeth (14), a middle school student in Teotihuacan, Mexico, was assaulted by a classmate near the school on the 21st of last month.

After being called out by the children who had been harassing her, Lisbeth tried to fight back to the punches and kicks of another female student, but it was not enough.

Other students were watching at the time, and no students reportedly stepped forward to stop the situation.

One student even filmed a video of the fight.

A video circulated on social media showed Lisbeth sitting on the street and being attacked intensively on the head, as well as the laughter of the students around her.

There was even a cry of "hit hard."

As a result, the school suspended Lisbeth and two others directly involved in the fight for a month.

However, Lisbeth, who fractured her nose bone as a result of the assault, was suspended and died at her home on Jan. 2 while staying at home.

The cause of death was trauma to the head area.

Local media reported, "It has been investigated that Lisbeth has been continuously bullied at school."

The bereaved family who attended the funeral said, "Lisbeth's dream was to be a nurse," and "she was usually a shy child, but she would have had only heartache at school."

Another bereaved family member pointed out that "the school was somewhat aware of the child's situation" and "did not deal with it properly, so the situation escalated."

Local residents who have heard about the incident are also demanding strict punishment for the perpetrators.

Mexican police say they will investigate the incident thoroughly.

(Photo = Yonhap News, captured from Mexican portal 'Contrapapel' official Twitter video)