Foreign Wars and conflicts

Political advertising appeared on one of the major online porn portals

Russian mercenary group Wagner also recruits on adult sites

The woman with the lollipop, appeared on PornHub, tells potential troops to join "the coolest private army in the world"


Every place is good for recruiting new people to send to war. This time the Russian mercenary group Wagner has gone beyond the imaginable, publishing an advertisement on Pornhub: one of the most famous portals in disseminating adult videos online. The woman in the video addresses likely mercenaries asking them to join the "coolest private army in the world". To give up "pleasure" and fight.

Feared by regular armies, the Wagner group would be looking for mercenaries to send to Ukraine, after heavy losses on the battlefields and various verbal clashes between leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and the Russian armed forces.

According to the Russian newspaper Pravda, the video, removed by Pornhub, for violating the regulation that does not allow political ads on the platform, has already gone viral in Russia.