There are a lot of people outside the door at the moment. The queues for apartment viewings, which should be less euphemistically called "housing competitions", are getting longer and longer in large cities. The problem now affects not only the pensioner, who is forced out of his home after thirty years. Meanwhile, beautified family photos flutter on Berlin's street lamps, with which decently earning graphic designers are looking for a new place to stay.

The housing shortage has reached the fashionable middle class. And she defends herself with the means she is familiar with: she shares her misery with the anti-social public. The Swiss author Sibylle Berg has just announced in the "Zeit" that she has been looking for an apartment in Zurich for a year and has received 60 rejections so far. The general secretary of the SPD was also looking for an apartment in Berlin for more than a year, which, according to Kevin Kühnert, was "a less than joyful occupation".

The situation is similar for the young TV presenter Lola Weippert. Via Instagram, she let the fans participate in her Berlin apartment search: Up to 3000 euros rent she was willing to pay. "I know it's an ass full of money, but I have the feeling that I can't find a place anywhere else," the presenter said desperately. Something is brewing. If even our celebrities can no longer find a place to stay, then social peace is really in danger. So expropriate after all?