A man was sentenced to three years in prison, including two years in prison, by the criminal court of Orleans (Loiret), reports France Blue Wednesday. The defendant had cheated elderly people by posing as a delivery man, between July and December 2022. In total, he allegedly stole a dozen victims for a total damage of about 9,000 euros.

The modus operandi was well established: the 43-year-old man was scouting to identify vulnerable people. He would then ring their doorbell, making them believe that a package was waiting for them. The pensioners would then leave their homes and the thief would enter the house through a door left open to steal personal belongings or bank cards.

Already convicted of theft and fraud

The forty-year-old was confused by the CCTV images of shops and vending machines, says La République du Centre. Stolen items were also found in his home. The man's criminal record already had 17 mentions, including for fraud and theft.

In addition to the prison sentence, the court ordered the revocation of a previous six-month reprieve. The defendant is kept in detention and will not be allowed to travel to Loiret for three years, once his sentence has been served. It will also have to compensate the victims, some of whom are very old. The latter did not all recover their money, the banks believing that they had not been vigilant enough and had not taken enough precautions.

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