A seafood processor in China has been shocked to learn that it used disinfectants to clean seafood.

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This video was filmed by a Chinese journalist working undercover at a seafood processing company in Dalian, Liaoning Province.

Employees are soaking sea cucumbers and abalone in white-powdered water.

When asked by a reporter who points to the white powder and asks what it is, the staff replies, "medicine."

He held up the washed abalone and sea cucumber and said, "It's very good. It's nice to see."

This white powder was secretly taken out and examined, and the main ingredients are borax, a toxic and hazardous substance used in industrial applications such as metalworking and glassmaking.

Local media speculated that this was done to get a high price, as washing sea cucumbers and abalone with water diluted with borax would turn them a fresh-looking color.

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The Korean Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that the company has not exported to Korea, and that no sea cucumbers and abalone have been imported from Dalian in the past three years.

They responded, "How can you think like that," "You won't let your family eat it," and "You get scolded for fooling around with what you eat."

(Image source: Sinbo)