Does not include schools rated below "acceptable"

Linking the increase in fees for private schools in Sharjah to the assessment

Eligible schools have the right to apply for a fee increase every two academic years. From the source

The Sharjah Private Education Authority approved the percentage of school fees increase for the next academic year 2023-2024 in varying proportions according to the school's evaluation, announcing that the decision does not include schools with an evaluation below "acceptable", as they are not eligible to increase their fees.

The accreditation is based on a study of the factors affecting school fees, including economic factors, such as global inflation rates, increase in utility prices, the operational cost of the educational institution, the rate of economic growth in the emirate, in addition to the educational outcomes factor based on school inspection reports, indicators and standards of quality of life, the percentage of satisfaction of stakeholders, school performance and academic achievement, the percentage of academic commitment of the educational institution, and the efficiency of school buildings.

Fees in private schools in Sharjah are regulated based on the school fee control framework that links the evaluation of each private school with the percentage set for the adjustment of fees for the next year, where private schools that have obtained a rating of "excellent" have the right to raise their fees to a maximum of 5%, while schools with a rating of "very good" can raise their fees by 3.75%, while those with a rating of "good" can raise their fees by 2.5%, and those with a rating of "acceptable" have the right to raise fees. By 1.25%, schools that were rated "poor" and "very poor" are not entitled to raise their fees.

The Authority explained that schools that meet the conditions have the right to submit a request to raise their fees every two academic years, provided that the application is through the "Tamam" platform, where the application is studied after receiving it based on the results of the performance evaluation, and in proportion to the rate of economic inflation and other documents and justifications provided by schools to support their application, and accordingly the request is approved or rejected.

Ali Al Hosani, Director of the Sharjah Private Education Authority, explained that any decision adopted by the Authority comes after a comprehensive study surrounding all matters related to it, as the adoption of the percentage came within the framework of the coordination mechanism followed by the Authority, after taking into account the need for private schools to constantly develop their tools to provide an educational environment that deserves to acquire the advantage of raising fees at the mentioned rate.