At a famous amusement park in Japan, some visitors are behaving inappropriately and taking photos of it.

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A man photographs a female character sculpture under her skirt with his phone.

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He also covers his mouth as if he's trying to kidnap him.

It happened at Ghibli Park in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Ghibli Park, which opened in November last year, is an amusement park that realizes iconic works such as Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki's "My Neighbor Totoro."

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Their inappropriate behavior has been heavily criticized after other spectators filmed it and posted it on social media.

As the controversy grew, the governor of Aichi Prefecture said, "Although something very regrettable has happened, we will deal with it resolutely," and asked that "those who offend others please do not visit."

Japan's netizen investigation team has identified the accounts that posted the photos, but the punishment of the men who took the photos has not been disclosed.

Critics responded critically, such as "The worst concentric vandal, portraying criminal acts like that," "It's too poor to be called freedom of expression," and "Why is there such a fuss in the conservative Aichi Prefecture scenic spot?"

(Image source: Online community, Twitter j2zfyz, modelkidori, YouTube rainbowholicTV)