Last year, Germany's car club ADAC, which has the largest number of members, went out more than 323,000 times in Hesse alone to repair breakdowns in cars. That was slightly less than a year ago. However, apparently more and more electric cars are affected by breakdowns, as the ADAC announced. Last year, the breakdown helpers had to supply around 52,000 electric and hybrid vehicles that had broken down. According to the association, the reason for the increase is, among other things, the sharply rising number of registrations.

The most common cause of breakdowns in Hesse is, as in previous years, the battery with 43.2 percent. In every fourth breakdown, the engine management was affected. In 10 percent of the cases, it was about defects in the generator, starter or lighting. In the case of electric cars, the proportion of starter battery breakdowns was well over 50 percent. The spokesman for ADAC Hessen-Thüringen e.V. explained that mobile fast chargers, so-called e-boosters, can make empty electric cars ready to drive faster. Initial practical tests of such a device are already being examined.

On average, the association's breakdown helpers are called to help almost 900 times a day. The fact that there were slightly fewer missions last year was due to the mild winter in January and February 2022, the ADAC said.