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point - the former chief of staff died, the accuracy of the suicide note could not be checked - already the
fourth... If you only get an investigation by the Special Department, this
is what happens - The government does not deserve to be held morally
responsible - The removal of Lee Jae-myung is not a right or wrong area
of judgment - Now is not the time to judge ... A few months before the general election - Kim Ki-hyun and other leaders are strong Worthing, likely to continue to run wild ■ Broadcast : SBS Kim Tae-hyun's political show (FM 103.5 MHz 7:00 ~ 9:00) ■ Date : March 13, 2023 (Mon) ■ Host : Kim Tae-hyun Lawyer ■ Cast : Ko
The Democratic Party lawmaker

▷Kim Tae-hyun : Deep in the news Inner View begins.

The investigation related to Representative Lee Jae-myung began, and the fifth person who passed away has been released, and this time, the contents of the suicide note left by the late former chief of staff and Lee Jae-myung have been partially released in the form of a message. "Mr. Lee, put politics down now," I think the words have a bit of a stir in the party. Let's start with the current within the Democratic Party. The Supreme Committee Member of the Board of Directors came out. Good afternoon, Commissioner.

▶Ko Min-jung : Hello.

Kim Tae-hyun : Mr. Commissioner, before we do a full-scale interview, let's talk about this. There were reports that Lee Jae-myung's parents' graves were damaged. "A hole was made around the mound and a stone with Chinese characters was buried. It's called a kind of black magic," CEO Lee Jae-myung posted on his social media. And there were reports that the Democratic Party's North Korean Provincial Party would file a complaint against this, and that the police would investigate the matter. How do you look at this? Do you see this as a form of political terrorism?

▶Ko Min-jung : When I saw that picture, I thought it was horrible. How did our world get to this point?

Kim Taehyun : Right.

▶Ko Min-jung : So we can disagree politically, but there is a line that we should not cross. So I think the CEO takes this seriously.

▷Kim Taehyun : You must feel bad inside. It's my parents' grave.

▶Ko Min-jung : Beyond the bad thing, I can only think about how we really got to this point. And you have to find out who did it, usually through CCTV, etc., but I don't think it's easy because it's a rural mountain, but it's frustrating that the people who did this are just so comfortable.

Kim Taehyun : That's right. What the hell are you trying to get out of it, what are you doing it for? I was actually curious about that. What the hell is it for, what's good for you?

▶Ko Min-jung : I mean.

Kim Taehyun : Every time something like that happened, I felt a little bit about it. I have to deal with topics that are bad for Lee Jae-myung. Former Chief of Staff Mo, who recently passed away. Lee Jae-myung was the first chief of staff when he was governor of Gyeonggi, and he was also the chief of staff and ward mayor since the time of the mayor of Seongnam. The tragedy of taking his own life, is this because of the prosecutor's investigation or because of the representative Lee Jae-myung, who is ultimately responsible? There's been a lot of talk about this suicide note since part of it was released. What's the mood in the party right now?

▶Ko Min-jung : First of all, I haven't checked the accuracy of the suicide note yet.

Kim Taehyun : Because you haven't seen the full text?

▶Ko Min-jung: That's right. There's one part of that. Actually, it's embarrassing to get into specifics. I know that the person who passed away on January 12, 2022 is a representative of a civic group because of the alleged payment of lawyers' fees. I know it turned out to be a chronic disease. Anyway, I wanted to point out some facts, so I told you this.

Kim Tae-hyun : So there were four people who chose to go to the extreme, and

▶Ko Min-jung : There were three people.

Kim Taehyun : Oh, are you three?

▶Ko Min-jung : Yes, and this is the fourth minute. This is why the people around Representative Lee Jae-myung, and as a result, it is seen as such, but more importantly, how do they conduct an investigation and end their lives like this just by being investigated by the special prosecutor's office? I wonder how long we just have to watch this. I have been the Blue House's spokesperson since 2019. At that time, as you may recall, there was the Ulsan mayor's case, and at that time, the administrator in the Office of the Chief Civil Affairs Officer was looking into something about the Ulsan whale meat case, but the prosecution was not doing that, but we assume that there were coercive investigations that said it was related to the Ulsan mayor's case. He took his own life in December 2019. I couldn't forget my shock. How the hell can you drive people like this? Not only that. After that, it was December 2020. Lee Nak-yeon, who was the deputy chief of staff, also took his own life while being investigated for Optimus.

Kim Tae-hyun : Yes,

▶Ko Min-jung : Who is morally responsible for this? At that time, the prosecutor general was now President Yoon Seok-yeol. Have you ever apologized for that? That's what I said at the time. I'm afraid, because if you only get a prosecutor's investigation, that's what it is. He said that if you commit a sin, you have nothing to fear, the ruling party now. But I think that's what I'm going to talk about. Everyone has a fear of being a prosecutor. Is that what the people fear because they have sinned? That's not it. That's how people are watching. You will see if there was something wrong with Representative Lee Jae-myung that caused him to take his life, or if the prosecution did it because there was something wrong, but in any case, in the end, only the people around Representative Lee Jae-myung are doing this. It should be noted that if only the prosecution had entered, the cases of people taking their lives like this have continued in these years.

Kim Tae-hyun : Of course, if you look at Mr. Mo's suicide note, it is said that he is unhappy about the prosecutor's investigation. However, when I saw that the prosecutor's office announced to the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office, they did not schedule a subpoena investigation at the end of December, and they were pressuring the investigation and this kind of thing, so they were in this position.

▶Ko Min-jung : I said the same thing during the Ulsan incident.

Kim Taehyun : Really?

▶Ko Min-jung : We talked about the same thing in the official announcement. So from my point of view, I can't trust that. So, one more thing, all the investigations by this prosecutor's office are being leaked to the media. And I don't know what kind of investigations were in it, but the life-taking events keep going on over and over again. So now I want the prosecutor's investigation to be a little more public. No, what do you do if you do it in private? It's all selectively shedding. And since people are repeatedly taking their lives for no apparent reason, I think the special prosecution department should be held accountable in some way.

Kim Taehyun : How about this? So it's centered on the ruling party's power of the people and the screams of the Democratic Party. In any case, if the people involved in the investigation of Representative Lee Jae-myung keep dying, and the number of people who take their own lives keeps increasing, shouldn't that be the legal responsibility of Representative Lee Jae-myung and put forward a message morally and politically as a representative? But there seems to be some criticism of why this death is the prosecutor's fault and not Lee Jae-myung's fault.

▶Ko Min-jung: I think the message about moral responsibility came from me. I don't think it's really appropriate to keep talking about the deceased in the news. But since you have questions, you keep asking. I keep saying it earlier, well, I don't think at least those in the current government right now deserve that kind of moral responsibility. Who bears moral responsibility for the Itaewon tragedy? And who is responsible for the death of our Blue House administrator, who was also my colleague mentioned earlier?

Kim Taehyun : Okay. Let's talk more about the Democratic Party. The Democrats are loud. As I mentioned earlier, Assemblyman Yoon Yong-chan said of Representative Lee Jae-myung, "He deserves to be held morally responsible. That's human beings, that's people," seems to have screaming lawmakers so excited that they even put out such a strong Facebook message. Is it the weekend of yesterday? That's what the congressman said. Go to Gyeongbuk for a lecture. "Protect this representative, this representative is difficult. I can't judge who is right. You just can't step on someone."

▶Ko Min-jung: There is an opinion that we should keep this representative and that it is difficult to elect with this representative.

Kim Tae-hyun : It's in the party.

▶Ko Min-jung: I don't really know what percentage this is. However, I supposedly there are more people who have not chosen both opinions. I think members of Congress and people are watching to see which is the right decision. So I don't think this is the realm of right or wrong, it's the realm of judgment. But I don't think this is the time to judge that. Because we have to look at the trend of public opinion. So for those of you who say it's going to affect the general election, I think it's too early to predict because there's still so much general election left and so many variables. So what the MDP needs to do now is how to better check the Yoon Seok-yeol government, and therefore which party will be chosen by the people in next year's general elections, so this is not the realm of right or wrong, but the realm of judgment, and that judgment is not the time to make that judgment. In the sense that we can judge after a little more time, it means that it is not yet the time to judge.

Kim Tae-hyun: So, from the congressman's point of view, you are saying that it is right to give power to this representative now and go to the system, for now.

▶Ko Min-jung : Because I am currently a representative. And in the process, there is an opinion that we should remove a representative immediately, and there is an opinion that we should find a member of Congress who passed or nullified it, and I don't think that's right on either side. That's why I said it meant that we shouldn't step on each other. What do we get out of that? If that is how our party can be better, if it can be more recognized by the people, then we will have to do it with a heart that really cuts out the flesh, but I can only think that it is a losing battle.

Kim Tae-hyun : When you mentioned earlier, you said to the effect that at some point you may have to make a judgment, but when the moment comes, will you continue to push Representative Lee Jae-myung, or will you have to go to the so-called non-subrogation system? For example.

▶Ko Min-jung : I'm talking about that period.

Kim Taehyun : Yes, when there is an event.

Kim Taehyun : After the summer?

▶Ko Min-jung: Around the beginning of autumn? By late summer or early autumn, the general elections are just a few months away, so our party will have no choice but to make a judgment about what to do with its general election strategy, no matter what. In that sense, let's look at that period. Rather than any incident.

Kim Taehyun : Okay. The problem is the general election.

▶Ko Min-jung : Right.

▷Kim Tae-hyun : Nominated for next year's general election There's been a lot of talk about how non-myeong-gye legislators can be, pro-myeong-gye senators set up offices in non-myeong-gye congressional districts. But the Democratic Party set up a general election nomination TF. There were reports that most of them were arranged as screams. If this happens, is the pro-name leadership going to soothe the screaming system, suture like this?

▶Ko Min-jung: For the time being, the People's Power is also over the convention, so I think the two parties will have a fierce competition for internal harmony. I think the success of next year's general elections will depend on which party emerges first and stronger internal unity.

Kim Tae-hyun : Yes. Ko Min-jung: Now, in that respect, the People's Power rather than our party was elected with about 52 points and a few percent of the vote, so I think the conflict and division aspect is in a position where the People's Power should be more concerned.

▶ So the Democratic Party, or our leadership. The word 'suture' is actually just a cosmetic measure.

Kim Taehyun : That's the word.

▶Ko Min-jung: So I didn't do it in that sense, and will that appease those who criticize the leadership of Lee Jae-myung? I don't think so. But I hope you can think of it as a message of unity and a way forward for the leadership.

Kim Taehyun : Okay. I have a minute left and I'm going to ask you about that. You talked a little bit earlier about the new leadership of the People's Power. How do you see it? Will Kim Ki-hyun's representative system cooperate with the MDP? During the last leadership, there was an aspect that was tight.

▶Ko Min-jung : Looking at it now, Kim Jae-won also described Lee Joon-seok-gye as a "hooligan." Ultimately, there is a risk that these interludes will continue to grow stronger in their guns towards each other. Of course, the one who puts down the muzzle quickly will win. We, the Democratic Party, have been through that period all along. But now that I look at it, it's 52.93%. With this percentage of votes, can we really integrate it well? Even though we are represented by 77.7%, we are going through a very difficult period, so it will not be easy to integrate. And as you know, Kim Ki-hyun's worthings have used a lot of very strong worthings, so I think he will continue to run more runaway.

Kim Taehyun : Okay. I'll have to get this far today due to time constraints. So far, you have been the top member of the Democratic Party. I appreciate it.

▶Ko Min-jung : Thank you.

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