Elon Musk is creating his own city in Texas (United States). The goal? Allow its employees to live near the factories, reports The Wall Street Journal relayed by BFM Tech & Co. Named Snailbrook (snail in English), this city should emerge from the ground about fifty kilometers from Austin.

"Welcome to Snailbrook"

Thousands of acres of land have already been acquired by the billionaire along the Colorado River. Farmland and pasture meadows for the most part, where a hundred homes would be under construction to provide a roof for employees of Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company.

Created in 2016, this company specializing in tunnel construction was initially to design drilling machines that would go "faster than snails", as the businessman said at the time. It is therefore in reference to this company that Elon Musk's new city was named so. "Welcome to Snailbrook, Texas, created in 2021," says the sign already installed on site.

Low rents

And if the place forms for the moment only a huge construction site, a few houses, a swimming pool and a sports area are already visible in this area of Bastrop County. These new and modular homes should allow Elon Musk's employees to benefit from a rent below market prices, as promised by their boss. That's $800 a month for a two- or three-bedroom house, when the median rent in Bastrop County is $2,200.

Since 2022, employees of the tunnel construction company can already apply for one of these future houses. It being specified that these accommodations will be linked to jobs: in case of dismissal, former employees will have one month to move. For Snailbrook to effectively become a city, however, the population will have to pass the 201 population mark, the minimum required by Texas law to create a municipality.

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