Three surviving victims of forced mobilization who filed lawsuits against Japanese companies >

< anchor have officially informed us that they will reject the compensation proposal proposed by our government. The victim's grandmother, who appeared before the National Assembly, repeatedly emphasized that she would not accept such money.

Ah Young Kim is a reporter.

National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee was held just a week after the government's solution came out.

After the ROK-Japan summit talks, the ruling party objected to discussing the results of the visit to Japan all at once, and in the end, the meeting was held by the opposition party alone.

Grandma Yang Keum-deok, who appeared as a reference, reaffirmed that she has no intention of accepting the third-party proposal proposed by the government as a solution.

[Yang Keum-deok/Mitsubishi Forced Mobilization Victim: I want to ask you to take off your clothes, I will never take that kind of money even if I starve to death.]

Of the 3 victims of the forced mobilization compensation judgment, including Grandma Yang, there are three surviving plaintiffs.

Grandma Kim Sung-joo, also a Mitsubishi victim, and Lee Chun-sik, a Nippon Steel victim, officially notified the Japan Forced Mobilization Victim Support Foundation, which will be the subject of third-party reimbursement, through their representatives today (15th) that they are rejecting the government's proposal.

It asks that the Foundation not pay the debts of the defendant companies against their will.

We've made it clear that this is a preparatory process to prepare for future legal proceedings.

[Legal Representative for Victims of Forced Mobilization: In case of a later legal dispute, we conveyed our intention not to allow third-party reimbursement if there was a unilateral collusion, which we confirmed as evidence.]

Nippon Steel has also been sent a letter refusing to reimburse a third party, and Mitsubishi has said it is considering sending it.

As the three surviving plaintiffs formalize their intention to take on the legal battle, the pain surrounding the government's solution is expected to grow.

(Video Interview: Oh Young-chun and Lee Chan-so, Video Editing: Kim Jin-won)