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North Korea called the UN Security Council's decision to hold an informal meeting soon to discuss North Korea's human rights abuses, calling it "a despicable uproar of human rights pressure from the United States" and a "super-strong response."

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, North Korea said that "the heinous hostile acts of the United States have reached a grave point where they cannot be allowed to stand by."

North Korea's Foreign Ministry said the United States is "praying to coercion" an informal meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss North Korean human rights issues with its followers, and claimed that it "strongly condemns and rejects outright" U.S. pressure on human rights as the most concentrated expression of its hostile policy toward North Korea.

North Korea asserted that "human rights are national rights, and it is the legitimate right of a sovereign state to use all available means to defend national rights," and that it would respond super-strongly to hostile tactics by the United States and its followers.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the UN Security Council will hold an informal meeting on 17 March to discuss North Korea's human rights violations.

The United States and Albania, which requested the convening of the meeting, noted in their request documents that "North Korea's human rights violations and abuses threaten international peace and security and are directly related to its illicit weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs."