North Korea launched a missile from a submarine yesterday (12th). The Joint Chiefs of Staff also confirmed this morning. It appears to be a backlash against the U.S.-ROK joint exercises that began today.

Reporter Moon Jun-mo reports.


North Korea launched a strategic cruise missile from a submarine yesterday, the Korean Central News Agency reported.

The Korean Central News Agency reported that an underwater launch drill for strategic cruise missiles was held at dawn yesterday, and that the submarine "August 8 Hero Ship" fired two strategic cruise missiles in the waters of Gyeongpo Bay, East Sea.

The Korean Central News Agency said the two strategic cruise missiles launched hit the target in a figure-eight orbit for 24,2 to 2,1 seconds over a 500,8-kilometer mooring set in the East Sea.

North Korea says the drills have inspected the offensive operational readiness of its submarine forces, another component of its nuclear deterrent.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea detected an unknown missile test-fired yesterday morning from a maritime submarine near Sinpo, South Hamgyong Province.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff announced this morning that U.S. and South Korean intelligence agencies are closely analyzing the details.

North Korea's recent submarine missile launch appears to be a reaction to the "Freedom Shield" joint exercise that began today.

Earlier, North Korea held an enlarged meeting of the party's Central Military Commission presided over by General Secretary Kim Jong-un and said it had "decided on significant practical measures to utilize deterrence in a more aggressive manner."

(Video editing by Jung Seong-hoon)