The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank continues to worry markets, especially after Black Friday and fears of contagion. In the last hours, however, Elon Musk - entering with a straight leg on the topic of the day - has shown interest in taking over the financial institution specialized in financing startups: "I am open to the idea" he stressed.

The indication came in response to a user - Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer - who said he believed Twitter should take over SVB and become a digital bank. But Liang Tan is not the only one. Others have also expressed their support for the billionaire. "It would make perfect sense for the entire Musk ecosystem to buy SVB's ruins and could also create a viable business model for Twitter," said Mikael Pawlo, head of brand at Swedish fintech firm Bokio. "What an opportunity," tweeted Kevin Paffrath, CEO of HouseHack, a real estate startup.

Instead, Tesla's investors are holding back on this possible acquisition operation after some of them have advanced the hypothesis of a new possible maxi sale of shares of the multinational like the one completed last year to finance the acquisition of Twitter.

The South African entrepreneur in fact to finance the operation that brought the social network under his control sold shares worth 8.5 billion dollars in April, 6.9 billion in August, 3.95 billion in November and 3.6 billion in December: all for a total of almost 23 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, as Musk ponders becoming a banker, he may as well become a landlord. According to the Wall Street Journal, Musk is planning to build his city along the Colorado River outside Austin, Texas. Reportedly, workers from Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company would be able to live in new homes there at below-market rates. Some of them, perhaps, could also be customers of Silicon Valley Bank, which has branches nearby.