A military robot fights in the British army by 2030

Robots appear to be fighting in the British Army on the battlefield by 2030, according to senior Army official General Collins, who wrote in the British Army Review that in seven years the first contact with a potential enemy on the battlefield would be through a robot.

The news brings to mind the famous Hollywood movie Terminator, which was autonomous robots killing mercilessly as they waged war against the human race.

But such fears are no longer science fiction, as autonomous or semi-autonomous drones are used in the war to kill, target and kill people.

Nowadays, drones as well as unmanned land or sea vehicles require some human intervention. But that situation is likely to change and the war in Ukraine will increase the focus on creating a fully autonomous robot.

In the war in Ukraine, the Russian military is said to have deployed AI-powered drones such as Kalashnikov and Zala, both of which have autonomous capabilities such as being able to independently find and destroy a target.

Drones are known to be piloted by a human operator, but swarms represent a step forward in military technology by flying as a single network controlled by artificial intelligence.