Among them were 6 mothers separated by prison restrictions from their children

27 Palestinian Prisoners and Two Minors Behind Israeli Damon Bars

  • Israel's Damon prison, where women prisoners are behind bars. From the source


The minor Palestinian girl, Zamzam al-Qawasmeh, said goodbye to childhood in handcuffs inside the Israeli Damon prison, and her entry into prison has been reversed by wounds of innocence that have become the rule of the past.

Zamzam, who was born on March 2005, 31, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, was arrested by Israeli forces on October 2500, serving a six-month prison sentence and a fine of <>,<> shekels, Yahya al-Qawasmeh, the father of prisoner Zamzam, told Emirates Today.

"Despite the short period of time my daughter spends as a prisoner, compared to the other prisoners who have been behind bars since 2015 and years later until today, she was exposed as companions of the path of families to harsh tragedies that are unique to the occupation prisons alone, to deposit the last spring of her childhood on the thresholds of detention cells."

Countless violations

Twenty-nine Palestinian women prisoners are bitterly detained and deprived behind bars in the Israeli "Damon" prison, including six mothers who are deprived of their children indefinitely, approved by the laws of occupation, most notably the prisoner Etaf Jaradat, a mother of three young prisoners languishing inside the many occupation prisons.

Just as Israeli restrictions separated the prisoners from their children, they robbed the innocence of childhood from two minor prisoners: in addition to Zamzam al-Qawasmeh, the minor girl from the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif bypassed the age of 17 behind bars, a few days ago.

Hassan Abed Rabbo, media advisor to the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission, told Emirates Today in an exclusive interview: "The occupation issued varying prison sentences against 14 Palestinian prisoners, in addition to fining them exorbitant sums of money, eight of whom are serving high sentences of more than 10 years, the oldest of whom is Maysoon Musa from the city of Bethlehem in the West Bank, who has been serving a 15-year prison sentence since 2015." He adds: "The occupation imposes on 15 female prisoners the punishment of administrative imprisonment, which lasts months or years, pending the completion of legal procedures before the occupation courts, including the prisoner Raghad al-Fitni (24 years old), from the city of Tulkarm in the West Bank."

Abed Rabbo pointed out that seven female prisoners were directly hit by Israeli forces at the moment of their arrest, in a summary execution against them, without providing them with the necessary medical care to date, including Nourhan Awad and Marah Bakir.

Israa Jaabis, a resident of the Holy City, is considered the most difficult case of injuries from the Israeli occupation forces, as she still suffers from severe deformities all over her body, as a result of serious burns, after the occupation soldiers fired their weapons at her vehicle in 2015, causing a gas cylinder to explode inside it.

The media advisor to the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission said: "The occupation is still holding Palestinian women prisoners under miserable conditions, in terms of restrictions on their daily lives behind bars, provocative searches, and the failure to provide a specialized gynecologist to follow up on the medical cases of Palestinian prisoners in Damon Prison."

As a result of the policy of deliberate medical negligence by the administration of the occupation prisons service, the prisoner Saadia Farajallah (68 years old) from the town of "Idna", south of Hebron, died behind bars "Damon" in early July.

Double deprivation

Among the Palestinian prisoners whose freedom has been handcuffed by the occupation authorities for years, the two prisoners, Shorouq Dwayat from the city of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and Shatila Abu Ayada from the Palestinian Triangle in the occupied territories, are the highest sentences, which lasted 16 years.

Aisha Abu Ayyad (um Ali), the mother of the prisoner Shatila (29 years old), who lives in the town of "Kafr Qasim" in the occupied Palestinian triangle, faces double suffering in meeting her daughter inside Damon prison, located in the "Carmel" bush in the city of Haifa in the northern coastal Palestinian city, in addition to being deprived of Shatila since 2016, she is prevented from visiting her from time to time by the Israeli Prison Service administration. The occupation continues to deprive me of the pleasure of my liver, which is serving a 16-year prison sentence under the harsh conditions faced by all Palestinian prisoners. "I miss my daughter every hour and on occasions, and I am deeply pained by the absence of Shatila, whom my heart longs for before my eyes," Abu Ayad continues.

Women prisoners who were immediately shot by Israeli forces at the moment of their arrest and without the necessary medical care.

■ Israel detains Palestinian women prisoners under deplorable conditions, in terms of restrictions on their daily lives behind bars, provocative searches, and the lack of a gynaecologist.