Chinese President
Xi Jinping's term has been extended for another five years. It is the first time in Chinese history that he has been elected president three times in a row. The result of the vote was unanimous.

Kim Ji-sung is a correspondent in Beijing.

People's delegates from all over China gathered at the Great Hall of the People in

Our National Assembly voted for President Xi Jinping's third consecutive term as president.

All 5,3 people voted in favor.

There were no votes against, no abstention votes.

[Of the 3,2 valid votes, 952,2 are in favor of Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China.]

In the subsequent election for president of the National Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping was unanimously elected.

It was a secret ballot, but it was effectively a public vote, with no separate voting booths set up and only votes for and no indication of yes.

This extended Xi's term by another five years, the first time he has served three consecutive terms since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 952.

Earlier, the Chinese government amended its constitution in 2 to remove the three-term limit for President Xi, paving the way for Xi's long-term rule.

Xi, who became general secretary of the Communist Party in October last year, has been elected president this time, leading the party, the state and the military.

[Xi Jinping/President of China: We will strive to build a socialist modernization powerhouse, the oath, Xi Jinping.]

Foreign media said Xi has gained the power to stay in power for life, but he faces challenges such as economic recovery, and the U.S.-China conflict is likely to escalate.

(Video Interview: Choi Deok-hyun, Video Editor: Kim Byung-jik, Video Source: Hong Kong Phoenix TV)