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War in Ukraine

The video of the Ukrainian soldier under Russian bombing in Vuhledar with phosphorus devices

They cause burns that stop only at contact with the bones and even just breathing the combustion fumes causes permanent damage


The white phosphorus bomb, also known as a phosphorus weapon or white phosphorus munition, is a type of weapon that falls into the category of chemical weapons, containing a white phosphorus-based compound that burns rapidly and causes fires. In a few seconds it causes very serious and extremely painful burns. When it comes into contact with the skin, it burns the tissues causing necrosis to the bones.

Even just breathing the fumes of combustion causes serious damage: inhalation of phosphorus vapors, in addition to corroding the mucous membranes and internal organs, poisons the victim by reacting with oxygen. For exposure survivors, permanent damage such as anemia and bone necrosis is almost certain. These munitions are banned, considered a war crime as they indiscriminately affect a large area.