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The key to Donbass

Meat grinder Bakhmut, trench battle - and artillery

Ukrainian soldiers fire on Russian positions with M119 artillery pieces near Bakhmut, the strategic junction where the bloodiest battle since the beginning of the war takes place


The Ukrainian strategy of defending key targets such as Bakhmut to the bitter end is aimed at "wearing out" Russian troops, often sent to the frontal assault without adequate armament and with little training. For Moscow the capture of Bakhmut would be a symbolic result, the first victory after a series of steps backwards, and the opening of a door to the rest of the province: and therefore sends a huge number of reservists and mercenaries on the offensive.

The result is continuous carnage, with thousands of dead and wounded on both sides of the front: probably the bloodiest battle, by number of victims, since the beginning of the war. It takes place almost as in the First World War: with assaults on the trenches and dense artillery barrages.

In the video, Ukrainian soldiers near Bakhmut fire M119 artillery pieces at Russian positions.