Democratic Party Representative Lee Jae-myung canceled all scheduled afternoon schedules and went to Binso. And the Democrats' explanation is that the claim that the bereaved families were not welcome when they were able to offer condolences after nearly seven hours is not true.

This is Han Sung-hee.

Entering the funeral home at about 7:7
p.m., Democratic Party Representative Lee Jae-myung did not respond to questions from reporters about the contents of the suicide note.

[Lee Jae-myung/MDP Leader: (What did you think about the report of the suicide note to put down politics?) .......]

When I left after staying in Binso for about 42 minutes, there was no speech, but a party spokesperson told me the situation on behalf of Representative Lee.

[Han Min-so/MDP spokesperson: I said it's very unfortunate. (The bereaved family members) also asked the president to be strong and to do well so that there would be no unjust death.]

Lee canceled all of his afternoon schedules after attending the top of the morning Gyeonggi Province and arrived near Binso around 20:12 p.m.

A spokesman for the MDP denied it, but the bereaved family expressed displeasure with Lee's condolences, and it took longer for the lawmakers who accompanied him to convince the bereaved family.

[Former Mo family: (Condolences from the bereaved family) Is it right that you don't want to?) Yes, yes.]

Today (50th) the Democratic Party has been boozing all day.

Pro-Ming lawmakers emphasized internal unity and solidarity.

[Chung Cheong-rae/MDP lawmaker: If we unite, we live, if we scatter, we die. The first is unity, the second is unity, and the third is unity.]

The screaming legislators watched the wavelengths and spared no words.

We are keen to see how far the impact of this incident will go.

It is an assessment that another political hurdle has come before Lee, who must repair the turmoil within the party after the defeat of the arrest motion.

(Video Interview: Cho Chun-dong, Kim Hak-mo, Lee Chan-so, Video Editing: Yu Mira)

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