«Dubai Misdemeanors» suspended the execution of the sentence taking into account its circumstances

A woman tries to leave the country with her two daughters with a fake "European residency"

An Arab woman dreamed of boarding a plane to a European country, accompanied by her two daughters through Dubai Airport, and presented her passport to the competent employee, wishing to bypass the last stop before the plane took off, but the employee suspected the residence card affixed to the passport, and it turned out that his suspicions were in order, and that it was forged.

During the Public Prosecution's investigation, the defendant denied knowledge of the forgery, and confirmed that her husband was the one who provided her with residency during her stay in their country, and asked her to travel through Dubai to Europe, but she was instead referred to the Misdemeanor Court, which sentenced her to a month in prison, suspended, after using clemency for her circumstances, and also ordered her deportation from the country.

The Public Prosecution in Dubai referred the defendant to the Misdemeanor Court, charging her with two counts of participating in the forgery of unofficial documents attributed to her and her two daughters, namely a residence card in a European country, and the charge of using forged documents for an aviation employee at Dubai Airport, despite her knowledge of their forgery while leaving the country.

According to the facts of the case, as established by the court, the accused provided the airline officer with residence cards attributed to a European country, but the aviation officer suspected the cards, and referred them to the documents examination section of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Dubai Airport, and it was found that they were fabricated in the same manner as the correct documents with the intention of using them.

The defendant said in the Public Prosecution's investigations that she was not aware of the forgery of residence cards, noting that her husband was the one who provided her with them while she was in their country, adding that she did not know how to extract them, and stuck to her statements before the court, asking for an acquittal.

In its reasoning, the court stated that it considers from the circumstances of the case that the defendant did not resort to the correct procedures followed to obtain the residence card through the authorities entrusted with it, but rather agreed with an unknown person to forge it, and tried to use it to leave the country, had it not been for the acumen of the aviation security officer.

It considered that the two charges against the woman were committed for the same criminal purpose and were indivisibly linked, which it considers to be a single crime, and sentenced her to three months' imprisonment, but she considered from the circumstances of the case that the accused would not return to the crime in the future, and ordered a three-year prison sentence, confiscation of forged documents, and deportation from the State.

In a similar incident, an African woman tried to leave the country through Dubai Airport on a forged visa attributed to an African country, and the Public Prosecution charged her with participating in the forgery of an unofficial document by agreement with an unknown person, and using it by presenting it to the aviation employee who suspected the visa, and referred it to the Document Examination Center at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at Dubai Airport.

The woman pleaded guilty to her crime, that she was aware of the visa fraud, and the court sentenced her to three months' imprisonment suspended for three years.

• The accused denied knowledge of the forgery and asserted that it was her husband who provided her with residency while she was in their country.