The University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, a world-renowned 900-year-old university, has issued a public warning to students stealing tableware.

As can be seen from the school's 2018 admissions statistics, Oxford University is also a place where there is a big 'gold spoon' trend.

According to local British media outlet The Times, Oxford University's Maudlin College announced that students who sneak items from on-campus facilities, including cafeterias, will be given a voluntary declaration and return period.

As more students stole items bearing the school's coat of arms as souvenirs, the loss also increased, and the school stepped in.

An email sent to students by the school's treasurer stated that "souvenirs from restaurants and other venues have become more frequent" and that "the recent loss of knives, forks and cutlery is unacceptable and unacceptable."

"We're going to give you a chance to return what you took," he said, "and until then, we won't hold you accountable."

"We hope that the items will be returned by noon on Friday the 10th," he said, "and if any school items are found in the students' belongings thereafter, they will be treated as theft and dealt with."

Founded in 1458, Maudlin College is considered to be the most beautiful university building within the University of Oxford.

It is a prestigious school that has produced King Edward VIII, writer Oscar Wilde, former leader of the British Conservative Party, and Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt.

Earlier, the same school, Bayliol College, also had the same problem.

In response, the school announced that it would no longer use cups and cutlery stands with the school coat of arms, publicly criticizing some students' extremely selfish behavior.

The students were found to have used their backpacks and pockets to steal things.

Founded in 8, Bailon College is one of Oxford's oldest colleges and has graduated from former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Yvette Cooper and Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins.

(Photo=AP, Yonhap News)