The government has hinted that the defendants Nippon Steel and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries may participate in the so-called "Future Fund," which is being discussed in the Korea-Japan business community. It is acknowledged that it is difficult to contribute to victim compensation, and civic groups opposed to the government's proposal have announced a rally today (11).

Ah Young Kim is a reporter.

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First Vice Foreign Minister Cho Hyun-dong, who briefed the
foreign press corps, said he was well aware of the criticism of the forced mobilization reparations solution.

[Cho Hyun-dong/First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: Of course, the government is also mindful of public opinion pointing out the deficiencies in the solution....]

Four days after the government's announcement, the defendant companies, including Mitsubishi and Nippon Steel, have not even expressed their positions.

A senior foreign ministry official said, "We expect the defendant companies to participate in the tentative future fund that is being discussed by the business community of the two countries."

We also anticipated that there may be more victims than the four known victims who will receive compensation from our foundation, which is the subject of a third-party defense proposal.

However, it acknowledged that it was difficult in fact because "we do not anticipate the contribution of the Japanese defendant companies to the Foundation immediately."

Japan's further level of response is expected to be outlined at next week's Japan-South Korea summit.

Prime Minister Kishida said he would openly communicate with President Yoon Seok-yeol to strengthen bilateral relations.

It will be interesting to see what position Prime Minister Kishida, who did not directly mention even the expression of "deep remorse and apology" stipulated in the Kim Tae-chung-Obuchi Declaration, will reveal at the summit.

Victim support groups and civic groups, which have been demanding a direct apology and reparations from Japan, announced today's rally in the city center.

Representative Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party is also expected to participate, and organizers expected 1,1 people to participate as it is the first weekend since the announcement of the government plan.

(Video Interview: Park Young-il, Video Editing: Park Ji-in)