UAE sends plane carrying 14 tons of aid to those affected by winter in Ukraine

The UAE today sent a plane carrying 14 tonnes of relief aid, including blankets, personal items, and light bulbs to help those affected in Ukraine cope with the harsh winter conditions, as part of the UAE's ongoing relief support to contribute to mitigating the humanitarian repercussions facing Ukrainians as a result of the current crisis.

The current aid shipment will be sent to the Polish capital Warsaw and then transported into Ukrainian territory.

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the crisis, the UAE has provided urgent relief supplies to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine, in October last year it was announced that 100 million US dollars were provided to Ukrainian civilians, and the UAE inaugurated an air bridge that included the dispatch of 11 aircraft carrying about 550 tons of relief supplies, basic and medical foodstuffs, 2520 generators and 6 ambulances, including two planes from the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, to civilians inside Ukraine, as well as It flies planes carrying relief supplies for Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries such as Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria.