A statue of the Statue of Peace installed at a
university in Germany was unexpectedly demolished. The school said that the statue of the girl that had been temporarily installed was removed according to the procedure, but it is claimed that it was removed under constant pressure from the Japanese government.

This is Kim Kwan-jin.


On the 9th local time in Germany, the statue of a girl at Kassel State University was completely demolished.

The school carried out the demolition by surprise the day after International Women's Day.

The Statue of Peace at the University of Kassel, which was erected in July last year, was installed by the Kassel University Students' Association after it became known that the statue was under pressure to be demolished.

This was the first time a statue of a girl had been installed inside a German university campus, and the Students' Union obtained permission from the university to use the site and the Student Council passed a resolution to permanently place the statue.

Regarding the demolition, the school said that the statue was a temporary installation, not a permanent installation, and that the permanent exhibition of the artwork is a joint decision between the school's faculty and the president.

However, under constant pressure from the Japanese government and far-right groups, it has been claimed that the school decided to remove the statue.

In fact, the Japanese government has reportedly continuously demanded that the school president remove the statue of the Kassel University girl ever since it was erected.

The Korea Council, a civil society organization, plans to hold a mass condemnation rally at the University of Kassel next week.

(Video editing by Yoon Tae-ho)