In Hanau, the evacuation for the defusing of the bomb, which was found on Thursday in a residential area, is to begin on Sunday at 9 o'clock. According to the city, the 500-kilogram bomb from the Second World War was discovered during construction work on Teichweg in the northwest district.

The site is close to the Kinzig Bridge of Bundesstraße 45, which connects the Hanauer Vorstadt with the Frankfurter Landstraße. The crisis team formed in the administration wants to evacuate all buildings within a radius of about one kilometer. The security zone partly includes the residential area northwest and the western part of the city center.

Citizens' telephone set up

In this area are the Sankt-Vinzenz-Krankenhaus as well as the retirement homes Martin-Luther, Stadtteilzentrum an der Kinzig, Elisabethenhaus, Domicil Nordstraße and Wohnstift Lortzingstraße. Which houses have to be vacated exactly, wants to announce the administration on Friday evening at 18 o'clock with street and house number on

If you need help leaving the apartment, you can contact the citizens' telephone of the city administration at 06181/ 67660-2000. The city will prepare halls as emergency shelters and announce on Friday afternoon which halls will become contact points.

Because of the evacuation, the railway line through Hanau has to be closed on Sunday. The local trains from Hanau to Frankfurt no longer run after 12 o'clock. Long-distance trains are diverted via Offenbach.

Last week, a World War II bomb was also found in Hanau. This had to be blown up in a controlled manner because it was not possible to defuse it.