Israel wants to increase gas exports to Italy, and from Italy to Europe, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the Business Economic Forum on the second day of his visit to Italy. "There will be huge investments in infrastructure, we want to expand the gas sector, we consider adding a facility for liquefied gas" to increase flows "to Italy and from here to Europe, and we are ready to do more with you to this end," he explained.

Netanyahu also invited Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to "make a visit to Jerusalem accompanied by 50 or 100 leading companies: we want to share with you our technological advantage", for example to combat drought: "We no longer have this problem because if we need water we produce it, first of all with recycling"

"We must overcome the challenge of energy autonomy, together we can do it better. Italy aspires to become, can become and must become the European gas hub and Israel can and must be an element of strength with regard to gas production and in the perspective of hydrogen and green technologies", took up the challenge the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso, who also expressed the "solidarity and closeness of the Italian government and people" to Israel for the attack last night in Tel Aviv