French President Emmanuel Macron says he will introduce a constitutional amendment in the coming months that would give women the freedom to have an abortion.

President Macron said this at an event on International Women's Day to commemorate women's rights activist Giselle Alimi, who passed away in 2020.

President Macron stressed that he would "enshrine in the Constitution the freedom of women to choose abortion and give solemn assurance that this right will never be restricted or abolished by making it irreversible."

"Women's rights are always a fragile conquest," she said, "and today, I send a message of solidarity to all women around the world who are seeing this freedom crumble."

Earlier, the French House of Representatives and Senate passed amendments guaranteeing abortion as a constitutional guarantee, but the process has not proceeded because the two houses of Congress have handled different constitutional amendments.

To amend the Constitution in France, the House of Representatives and the Senate must pass the same constitutional amendment, followed by a referendum.

The House passed an amendment last November that specified the "right" to have an abortion, and the Senate described the amendment passed in February as "freedom" to have an abortion.

Abortion has been legal in France since 11, but after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a ruling guaranteeing the right to abortion in June last year, there was a movement to enshrine it in the Constitution.

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