They fled outside the country after the operation was carried out, and two of them returned to complete the crime.

Gang returned to the state after stealing a safe of jewelry and money worth 450 thousand dirhams in um Al Quwain

The Criminal Investigation Department of the um Al Quwain Police General Headquarters managed to arrest a European gang that stole an iron safe from one of the residential villas in the emirate, and transferred the treasury to a desert area during the absence of its owners and stole all the contents of the treasury of gold jewelry, money and official documents.
In detail, the Director of the Criminal Investigations Department at the General Command of um Al Quwain Police, Colonel Saeed Obaid bin Aran, said that a report was received to the Al Salamah Comprehensive Police Station from a citizen while he and his family were returning home stating that his house was robbed and that there was a scatter in the house and the disappearance of the iron locker that was inside the villa, which contains amounts of money worth 150 thousand dirhams, and jewelry belonging to his wife valued at about 300 thousand dirhams, and the treasury contains some official documents for him And to his family.
He explained that immediately after receiving the report, field teams from the Criminal Investigation Department and elements of the Al-Salamah Comprehensive Police Station were formed to search and investigate the report, and the investigations conducted by the field work team led to the identification of the four individuals, three men and a woman, through the vehicle in which they were traveling, and it was found that the vehicle belonged to one of the vehicle rental offices in one of the Emirates, and by checking them, it was found that they hold visit visas and that they left the country immediately after the report.
He added that after identifying the people and their data, the work team began its efforts and was able to reach the location of the iron safe, which was found in a desert area in one of the neighboring emirates, and the perpetrators were able to break it by iron machines, and the crime scene department moved and specialists began dealing with the treasury, where only some official documents of the author's family were found.
He pointed out that the follow-up of the research and investigation team of the case received information that two of the four people are on their way to return to the country and obtain a visit visa, and indeed they entered the country on February 15 and rented a vehicle and were followed up to find out their locations, as the investigations indicated that they headed to a desert area in one of the neighboring emirates, and the search and investigation team prepared the seizure plan and were able to adjust them while they were in the desert area with their suitcases in preparation for leaving the country.
Bin Arran explained that the two defendants were brought to the Investigation Department and after taking all legal procedures from the Public Prosecution, their bags were searched and gold jewelry was found inside, as the perpetrators cut the gold into small pieces and hid them in a professional manner inside their suitcases in preparation for taking them out with them while leaving the country, and a precious wristwatch was found at one of them, and by confronting them with the communication, they confessed to entering the house, stealing and opening the iron safe, and stealing its contents of jewelry and money, as well as The author and his family identified the seized jewellery, as well as the author's identification of the wristwatch and that it belonged to him personally.
The director of the Criminal Investigation Department appealed to all members of society to secure the house while leaving it, and to install surveillance cameras while hiding iron safes and valuables in hard-to-reach places and not to be visible to anyone.